We solve problems with code

Who are we?

Lunchtime Labs is a software development company based in the eastern hemisphere, owned and operated by Lee Pender and Khaled Alquaddoomi. The organization started in 2016 with the radical idea that a distributed work environment could do top-tier software development and still feel like a family.

Today, we are a collective of polyglots who speak Rails, JavaScript, Elixir, Golang, as well as XP, Human-Centered Design and, yeah, a bit of French, Spanish and German.

What do we do?

We use our own evolving flavor of XP and agile methodologies to identify problems, generate thoughtful solutions, and deliver them on-time and on-budget. We recognize that resources are limited and we work hard to understand businesses holistically and map out cost-efficient solutions before jumping in with code.

We find clients and hire exclusively by word-of-mouth. We look for great listeners and communicators and kind, diverse, competent and inspired developers.


Mack Weldon

Maintaining customer satisfaction and brand reputation during a volatile transition.

Working with a rapidly growing apparel brand that delivers men’s basics.



Working with a legendary technology brand to build lead-generation assessments in REACT.

Think we can help?

We build software from scratch or fix existing software. We specialize in augmentation and leadership for distributed development teams.

We live to serve—if you think that there's something we can do to make your life better, don't hesitate to reach out.

Lunchtime Labber